Realistic Solutions Every Step of the Way

Complex electrical projects require turnkey solutions that provide across-the-board control and optimization of design, materials, technology, manpower, and costs. Our full spectrum of offerings, multidisciplinary expertise, proof-of-concept approach, and life cycle support lead to solid solutions at every project phase for successful implementation in the real world.  

Luminaires & Lighting Systems

Our vast selection of lighting innovations from pioneer brands frees project owners and designers to think beyond light and shade. Find endless inspiration for utility lighting or mood-enhancing illumination which colour customer experiences, energize workplace productivity and make people feel at home. Through project-specific lighting and control module customization, we help project owners and designers achieve desired aesthetics, operability and performance with improved energy and cost efficiency.  


Smart Street Lighting

Our state-of-the-art LEDs are smart city-ready with the option of a smart connected lighting system...

Technical & Performance Lighting

Technically challenging environments require a winning combination of high-performance products, cutting-edge technology and team of result driven experts with proven track record.


Our team of lighting professionals provide expertise with proven project references in effective selection and application of advanced lighting solutions to achieve minimal maintenance. 

Architectural Lighting

For those who harness light to bring nuance to colour, form and texture, we offer compelling architectural lighting solutions through an extensive array of brilliant designs that transform aesthetic vision into reality. 

Choose from fine luminaire collections sourced from around the world that integrate beautifully with high-profile projects to inspire, illuminate and impress in equal measure. 

Total Solutions

A strategic collaboration between the world's largest B2B electrical equipment supplier-distributor, Southeast Asia’s largest industrial equipment supplier/ distributor, and a specialized technical contractor with a track record of diverse electrical projects, the group’s capabilities extend to all electrical contracting solutions.  We are a regional resource for electrical solutions that modernize cities and make them greener, smarter and more liveable. 


Electrical Equipment Supply for B2B

More is possible with unrivalled access to leading international brands in electrical equipment. Via our strategic partnerships and supply chain capabilities, we carry over 2,000 hardware and software solutions which make technologically challenging projects possible.


Our ever-growing capabilities and portfolios deliver a high-degree of specifications to fit projects of various scales, budgets and technical requirements. 

Smart City Solutions

With about the half the world’s urban population living in Asia, demands on resources in the region are increasing each day. We provide the latest AI- and IoT-enabled devices to transform urban infrastructures and public utilities into intelligent networks—making cities more liveable, energy efficient and safer.


Through our global network of professionals, we are up to date and are the forefront on the practical aspects of Smart City Solutions.

We assist building and project owners on the road to green building status by designing, sourcing, supplying, installing, and testing lighting, electrical equipment, and energy-saving smart controls as retrofits or ground-up installations. 

Integrated Supply Programme

Our integrated supply software reengineers existing indirect material supply chains to minimize duplication or surplus and increases supply chain efficiency for significant reductions in total cost of ownership.


Take advantage of our centralized and bulk purchase capabilities backed by expertise in managing sourcing, inventory, warehousing, and distribution to optimize your business today. 

Green Buildings 


What is technology without the human touch? At Technocrafts Solutions we take great pride in providing service that is as comprehensive and complete as the solutions we offer. Knowledge is the cornerstone of our service and our team of experts believe when we enlighten our customers, we achieve brighter outcomes together. Read on to learn more about consulting and support services offered before, during and after installation.


Each advisory starts with an Audit which evaluates an existing system and establishes the feasibility of a new system. This is followed by Solution Design where our recommendations are presented. 


We offer best-fit and customized financing schemes with projected ROIs through our large network of funders.

Financing creates a fast track to acquiring and reaping the advantages of the latest technologies without a heavy initial capital outlay.

Project Management

Project and building owners rely on our multidisciplinary expertise to undertake green projects of all types and sizes. Our involvement can be simple product supply and installation or turnkey—comprising design-install-maintain-transfer responsibilities where we oversee project management and installation up till integration and system programming. 

Life Cycle Management

Together with our international partners, we have designed essential post-completion services to optimize product life cycles for long-lasting, hassle-free and cost-effective green solutions. Local support covers replacement parts with best-in-class warranties, diagnostics and training, plus software and security updates. We also assign dedicated maintenance teams for fast service response times. 


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